If It’s Free, It’s For Me!

Even though I’m of the mindset that very few things in life are ever actually free, I do love a good deal where “free” is part of the bargain.

One of the very first Scentsy products I ever purchased, Ollie the Elephant made my daughter’s birthday in 2010. A fun stuffed animal who could hold a scent pak containing her favorite Scentsy fragrance. This week, it was announced that 10 of the full-sized Buddies are available in a buy one, get one FREE (BOGO) promotion. I LOVE BOGO!

I don’t know what surprises me more: 2 full-sized Buddies and Scent Paks for $25 or how young my daughter looks in this photo! It’s only a couple years old. Where does the time go?

Ollie has been well loved on since then and we’ve added several other Scentsy Buddies to our household. My nephew specifically asked for a Roarbert the Lion and they have been inseparable since Roarbert arrived.

In February of next year, nearly the entire line of full-sized Buddies will be retired and the ones in the BOGO promotion will be available no more. We have had several on our list that we wanted to add to our collection–many have been lost to basket parties in which the hostess never quite returned all the goodies (a story for another day), but I’m planning on taking advantage of the BOGO myself! These will be great Christmas & birthday gifts and, because they are retiring, I can totally call them collector’s items…right?

I am so relieved that my gift giving quandaries & those of my friends are solved with this promotion. Phew!

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