Feeling the Fall

I’m not sure if it’s because the temperature was 38 degrees this morning when I opened the garage door or because my daughter is already discussing her Halloween costume, but I’m already looking ahead to official fall. College football ushers it in for me and then, it’s all fall, all the time.

I never used to become too excited about decorating for fall, but last year I ordered a Fright NIght warmer Imagefrom Scentsy and I was smitten! Photos simply do not do this item justice.

I cannot WAIT to pull it from the closet and give it the place of honor in our living room’s bow window. I love turning the full moon to the street and creating a nice glow for passersby.

I had no idea until I plugged it in that it would glow as beautifully as it does. Once I set it up, I have a hard time putting it away once October passes!

We don’t carry Fright Night in the full-sized warmer anymore which makes it even more special to me.

I also love that my kids are looking forward to seeing the warmer again soon too. Growing up in a rural hometown among all my family and friends, we were never short on traditions be they events or decorations. Once great-grandparents and then grandparents passed, however, and we grandkids moved away to make our way, traditional gatherings became less so and familiar decorations were retired because we were “too old” for things like paper chains or Christmas stockings. And, even though I don’t need it, I do miss the Halloween candy my paternal grandmother faithfully bagged up for the “big kids” every year, even as our own kids trotted up her front steps in their costumes.

I honestly hope things like this beloved warmer become part of my home and a tradition my kids can carry with them wherever they go–rationally, I know my girls will likely move too far from home for my grandkids to trot up my front steps someday, but if they visit during Halloween time, they can look forward to seeing Grandma’s favorite Scentsy warmer in the window when their parents pull to the curb.

What traditions do you look forward to with the change from summer to fall?

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