Taking September to Another Level

I love to write and truly dig blogging. If you don’t hear from me for periods spanning days and then weeks, you know that life must be stepping up the pace!

Aside from the usual work of the first full month of the semester, my husband was out-of-town for a week, we traveled for my first college football game, the girls had one million and one activities and I was preparing for my biggest event of the year, the Dayton Women’s Fair.

Although I live in Ohio, I do not subscribe to the “we all must worship at the altar of The Shoe” and “Go, Bucks!” Sorry. I’ll leave that to my husband, thanks. He was sweet enough to buy tickets to Michigan’s home opener against Air Force. It was a wonderful day for football and definitely will not be our last trip to Ann Arbor. Much easier to park and access the stadium than I ever imagined, plus it was so nice to be amongst fans of a team I adore.

There is nothing like college football Saturdays. But, a college football Saturday with perfect weather and great seats? Even better!

It’s funny that I actually typed “preparing for my biggest event of the year” when that preparation was mostly mental. Because my husband was gone the same week prior to the event , we spent the previous weekend in Michigan, and my paper supplies only arrived on Wednesday prior to the Saturday event, I had my work cut out for me! BUT, we pulled it off and took Scentsy Fragrance to the masses for the second year in a row. We did a ton of business and had a wonderful surprise when I arrived to set up–our booth size had been doubled thanks to a shift in vendors’ booth spaces. We didn’t have to pay extra and I was able to beg and borrow extra tables so we could put up lots of cash and carry items for our visitors. This is always a great way to kick of the holiday selling season and I seriously think I could promote this month as the rest of my team already has sales on the books too! How fun!

It was also fun to have friends in on the act this year and to watch my nine-year-old engage customers, answer questions, find the perfect fragrance for their tastes and be super polite. So many compliments on her and her sale-ability. I think that was the best part of the weekend!

Today, it’s back to work and school and my husband started a new job. I’m really hoping this fall will be a good one for us!


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