Coveting Denim

I lament ever parting with my denim jacket. Realistically, I probably would no longer be able to properly wear the one I used to own. Two kids did a little something to my slight torso after all. But, it’s the principle of the thing.

Currently, I’m coveting an Old Navy denim jacket that I’ve seen online and in the stores for a few weeks. I was mentally picturing what I might wear tonight to the minor league baseball game we have tickets for and any outfit I ponder would look perfectly put together if the jacket were the final piece. I have a friend who wears her denim jacket in creative ways–over a maxi dress, with a sundress, etc. and it never looks contrived.

It isn’t that $35 is outside my budget range, but sometimes I have trouble pulling the trigger on a purchase until I obsess about it enough. I definitely wish I’d purchased this a couple weeks ago so that I could wear it tonight.

It would look perfect with the sleeveless top I want to wear with my jeans plus the Grace Adele Mary bag in chocolate I plan to carry. This bag will be my go to for outings and other fall festivities. I have had it for a week or two now and I’ve been dying to load it up and take it for a spin. I’m thinking tonight is the night!

We’ll be taking in the last home game of the season for the Dayton Dragons tonight. We’re lucking out because Cincinnati Reds’ star, Joey Votto, is rehabbing with our minor league team and he’ll be on the roster tonight!

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