Fashion From Day to Night

One of the things we lawyerly types deal with is the fact that dark suits, white shirts and dark shoes are the norm. Sure, there are variations and some envelope pushing, but depending upon where you practice, your agenda for the day and the expectations of the occasion, your closet is full of made-for-court clothing. I’m sure we aren’t alone.

Given the impending season of holiday revelry and social obligations, there is something to be said for becoming a quick change artist. Keeping things in one’s arsenal that allow for easy transition from a work day to a social evening can make all the difference in the “face time” necessary to be a team player.

Just another reason why I am so loving the Grace Adele line. I wondered if I could put together a grouping where the foundational items were the same, but if I were to pack a small bag, I could make a quick change at the office and head to the after hours party. And, I could! I could even skip the funky shoe switch up if I wanted to, but I added them for flavor.

Here the trousers remain the same from day to night. Many professionals keep a dark suit jacket (or a full suit for that matter) hanging on the back of their office doors. A white shirt is an industry staple. Again, the black shoes could easily transition to an evening gather such that you would only be changing your top apparel-wise.

Here, for the daytime look, the Laney leather handbag is paired with the Rue leather clutch, both in black. For the nighttime, the Rue clutch is pulled from the ensemble, the accompanying strap is attached & the bag easily takes you into any social event with confidence.

For jewelry, the simple pearl-cream drop earrings from Grace Adele make the business look a little less harsh, but no less classic. For nighttime, however, the make-up boost is accompanied by an increased volume in the jewelry department. Black jewel drop earrings paired with the bauble bangle bracelet and unchained ring in silver add just the right amount of bling for a night out with the ladies, your gent or the office.

I also love the once an order (or a collection of orders) reaches $150 in subtotal sales that not only will those orders be shipped free, but the “host” of those orders will receive a 1/2 priced item and 10% of the order’s subtotal in free credit. The benefits only go up from there. I love that because in this economy, professional women who want to be pulled together don’t have to decide between a new bracelet and a tank of gas. New graduates and those staring down interviews followed by social networking events could really benefit from this type of arrangement! Super excited to see Grace Adele making it easier for us!



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