Kidless Dinner Out

Few things I love more than a dinner out where forbidden carbohydrates are involved.

I have tried to be Paleo and my major downfall is pasta. It doesn’t matter what kind because I find all kinds delicious. If I’m going to be naughty and eat pasta, I like it to be really worth the guilt. (I’m kind of kidding…I feel no remorse after eating really good pasta).

One place in my area where I can find that type of pasta is Palermo’s. Aside from the wonderfully diverse wine list that offers something for every taste and those on a budget, the marinara sauce is 100% to-die-for good. This does not come from a can of any kind and is the type of homemade pasta sauce I dreamed of when I dated Italian boys in college. I so wanted to marry an Italian boy and learn all his Mama’s secrets in the kitchen. Alas, I married a hometown boy of German roots and never did quite land any heirloom recipes.

Tonight’s menu included a special: Portobello Ravioli. Yes, please. Just looking at this photo I snapped on my phone (which P.S. takes horrible photos) makes me hungry all over again! So very good. No leftovers either. I am so glad I ordered it because I had contemplated ordering what I had last time, chicken marsala, given the over-the-top goodness I experienced. Branching out, in this instance, was good.

In addition to the amazing dinner, I also had a chance to try out my new Grace Adele Unchained Silver Hoop earrings. They are so light and comfortable, but very eye-catching.

They topped off an outfit that was casual, but fun and super light.

I like shiny, inexpensive, classic styles. I find that these could easily be my go-to earrings and I can break my constant pattern of wearing my diamond stud earrings each and every day.

I found the Old Navy top I wore online prior to going to my Scentsy Convention in Las Vegas at the end of July.

It was going to be HOT and I thought this top might be perfect. I don’t even think I ended up wearing it while I was out there, but I did wear the jersey knit skirt I purchased to go with it.

I finally ended up wearing the total set for Orientation for new students at my full-time job. This shirt is in the sale area at Old Navy. They have 25% off through today, so I think I’ll be picking up another jersey knit skirt (in black this time) and a couple other cute tops I’ve had my eye on. I find that many pieces from ON can be worn under jackets or cardigans at work and be perfectly professional.

It was a perfect night out tonight! My daughters were off having fun elsewhere and the husband and I could hang out, eat good food, drink nice wine and appreciate some of the truly stellar things that happened for us this week.

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