Do You Remember Wearing Garanimals?

When I was in elementary school, I loved my Garanimals. In looking at the website, Garanimals was born the same year I was and they are one of my fond childhood memoires. My mom used to take me shopping at JCPenney and I could mix and match the different animal tags to find the perfect outfit. It was a bummer when some of my favorite colors didn’t coordinate with my favorite animals, but I managed.

I distinctly remember in very early elementary school that I fell on the playground and put a hole in the knee of a pair of maroon Garanimals twill pants. I had probably worn them all of once and I remember distinctly my mom telling me to “be careful” when I put them on for school. This was kind of funny, looking back, because I was far from a daredevil and everything I did was careful. But the one time I’m wearing something other than jeans and I put a hole in my pants.

My mom was off work at that time (she worked somewhere that had a seasonal shutdown during a month or two during the year) and was waiting for me when I arrived home on the bus. I honestly thought I could “cover” the knee of my pants and my mom wouldn’t notice. Rather than nonchalantly trying to sashay into the house, I put my hand over my knee and, doubled over, proceeded up the driveway. Yeah. I wasn’t very slick.

When I had my own daughters, I found Garanimals again when they were in infant/toddler sizes. Very fun to let my mom know I was carrying on the Garanimals tradition. I often joked that i wished there were Garanimals for adults. Because, although I had no problem dressing my girls so well with and without Garanimals help, I still am not always all that swift when it comes to my own clothing.

It was so funny when Grace Adele was launched at Convention in Vegas, I immediately thought, “GARANIMALS.” It struck a similar chord with a male consultant who called them “Transformers for Chicks.” HA!

Just one more reason for me to love this concept!

2 thoughts on “Do You Remember Wearing Garanimals?

  1. Garanimals says:

    Thanks for the lovely memory of our brand. Wanting to dress your own kids in a brand you felt so good about as a child is something that makes us very proud. And yes, we have heard from many people that they would love adult Garanimals. Hey, you never know!

    • melindaindayton says:

      Thanks for stopping by! Garanimals are definitely part of our family traditions. I know several wives who say as they shop they create Garanimal combos for their husbands because it’s easier that way. 🙂

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