Building Your Look

Remember that I told you before that the favorite part of my Grace Adele consultant website was the Build My Look feature where you could try different clutches in bags as well as combinations of the entire fall/winter collection to easily create your perfect look? OF COURSE YOU DO!

I have spent so much time playing with Polyvore for the purpose of building entire looks to post to one of my Pinterest boards. Again, I know what I like and I know what looks great, but I’m a little challenged in turning Pinterest into reality. (I doubt I am alone on that one).

But now, with Grace Adele items being made available on Polyvore, I can build an entire look anytime I want. I was especially excited when I saw one of my favorite bags had been added–Mary in chocolate.

I am in absolute love with this bag. Not sure why, but I just AM.

Maybe it’s because I can think of about nine million ways to wear it. Maybe it’s because it will hold everything I must have with me and then some. Maybe it’s because I can imagine dashing through the airport with it or carrying it into a meeting. Maybe it’s a combination of all those things and more.

Whatever the reason, I am in serious love.

Which led me to Polyvore, natch and more pinning on Pinterest.

This is my first thought on using Mary in Chocolate although I think there will be more–I won’t be able to resist!

I also love that the earrings and ring are from Grace Adele too and uber affordable. Big bling for little buck–that’s my favorite thing!

As if I ever have spare minutes…but when I do, I think I’ll know what I’ll be up to now–building entire looks and sharing them with my friends (and anyone who happens upon this blog, of course).


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